Notes & Notices

St Joseph's School Waroona

Notes & Notices

February 2018 Sport T Shirt Days
  Swimming Lessons
  Do Crew Parent Letter
  Term 1 Term Planner (correct)
  Tuning In To Teens
  Year 5 Sculptures By The Sea
  On Entry letter to Pre Primary Parents
  Kindy Parent Information Letter
  Kindy Parent Information Booklet
  Pre Primary Information Letter 
  Pre Primary Parent Information Booklet
  Year 1 Parent Information Booklet
  Year 2 Parent Informantion Letter
  Year 2 Parent Information Booklet
  Year 3 Parent Information Letter
  Year 3 Parent Information Booklet
  Year 4 Parent Information Letter
  Year 4 Parent Information Booklet
  Year 5 Parent Information Letter
  Year 5 Parent Information Booklet
  Year 6 Parent Information Letter
  Year 6 Parent Information Booklet
December 2017  K - Yr Fun Day
   2018 Book Lists
   2018 Term 1 Canteen Roster
   2018 Term 1 Canteen Menu
   2018 Term 1 Term Planner
November 2017  Yrs 3 & 4 Assumption excursion
   Thank You morning tea invitation
   PP & Yr 5 Kwinana Adventure Park excursion
   2018 Alter Servers Request
   School Board letter
   Canteen Roster Request Term 1 2018
   St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal
   2018 PP Parent Information Session
   2018 iPad Leasing
October 2017  Yrs 1 & 6 Zoo excursion
   Transition to Kindy
   Yrs 2 & 5 Forest Heritage excursion
September 2017  Yr 3 & Yr 4 Alcoa excursion
   Term 4 canteen request
   P & F Family Bingo Night
   Interschool Carnival
   Interschool Sausage Sizzle Order Form
August 2017  School Athletics Carnival
   K & PP Speech Screening 
   Yrs 3 - 6 Jumps & Throws postponed
   Athletics Carnival Sausage Sizzle order
   Athletics Carnival - Schedule of Events
   Athletics Carnival Postponed
   Special Canteen Order Term 3
   P & F Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
   Yr 4 Tie Dying
   P & F Father's Day Stall
   Mud Incursion K - Yr 3
   PP & Yr 4 Greener Sanctuary Pastures excursion
July 2017  Family Fun Maths Night
   Yr 4 First Eucharist Retreat Permission Slip
June 2017  Term 2 Special Canteen Day
   Request for Term 3 Canteen volunteers
   Family Fun Maths Night
   Waroona Derby
   Yr 4 Pam Corker visit
   P & F Tell Us What You Think
   K - Y3 Mud Incursion
   P & F Cookbook Recipe Request Form
   New Opportunities For Women - Waroona
   Term 3 Canteen Menu
   Term 3 Canteen Roster
   Reading Cinemas
   Term 3 Planner
   P & F Newsletter, Semester 1
   Traffic Light System Training
May 2017 P & F Pyjama Party Disco
  P & F Mothers Day Stall
  MothersDay Morning Tea Invite, 12th May
  Yr 6 Confrimation Retreat Permission Slip
  Kindergarten Term 2
   P & F Krispy Kreme Doughnut Fundraiser
April 2017  Term 2 Term Planner
  Term 2 Canteen Menu
   Term 2 Canteen Roster
   St Joseph's Feast Day
  Protective Education For Your Child
  Year 4 visit to MCC
  2017 Student Residential Address Collection
  Yrs 5 & 6 Aussie Sports
March 2017  Kindy Education Assistant
   Inter House Swimming Carnival
   Year 6 Camp Pack
   Year 6 Albany Camp Cost
   Easter Raffle
  Parent Teacher Meetings
   Yr 6 Leavers Shirts Order
   Yr 6 permission slip ANZAC Day Service
   TELL THEM FROM ME (TTFM) Parent Survay March 2017
   Term 2 Canteen Request
February 2017 2017 Principal's Welcome Letter
   Term 1 Planner
   P & F Family Fun Evening
   Events Partipation Consent Form
   Information & Communication Technology Permission Slip
   Student Use of Information Technology
   Children's Image Use Consent Form
   Student Medical Information
   Letter from Dr Tim McDonald, Exectutive Director, CEWA
  Swimming Lessons
   On Entry Assessment Program - Pre Primary 
   Do Crew Program Note
   Gastroentritis Note
December 2016  Announcement Letter
   Term 1 2017 Canteen Menu
   Term 1 2017 Canteen Roster
November 2016  Yr 2 excursion, Forest Heritage Centre, Dwellingup
   Yr 5 excursion, Forest Heritage Centre, Dwellingup
   Shool Board and P & F Nomionations Form
   Kindy 2017 - Transition Period
  Christmas Concert Sausage Sizzle
  Kindy & Year 3 Gravity excursion
  Altar Servers 2017 roster request
  St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal
  Term 1 Canteen Roster Request
  New Kindy 2017 Orientation Day
   Christmas Concert 2016
   Reading Cinemas Yrs 1 - 5
   2017 Book Lists
October 2016 eSmart Community Engagement Program
   St Joseph's P & F Family Bingo Night
   PP & Yr 4 Scitech Excursion
   One To One Device Programme 2017
   Yr 1 & Yr 6 Mandurah Cruises excursion
   Yr 6 Adventure World
   Yr 6 Term 4
   Yr 6 Class lunch
   Canteen Survey
September 2016  Year 3 Retreat
   Interschool Athletics Carnival
   Waroona Redbacks Junior Update
   Kindy Head Lice
   Term 4 Canteen Roster
August 2016 P & F Fathers Day Raffle
   Uniform Letter
  Athletics Carnival Sausage Order Form 
   School Photo Day
   P & F Fathers Day Stall
   Bunnings Mandurah P & F Sausage Sizzle
   Waroona Show Gate Completed Roster
   2016 NAPLAN Results Letter
  Athletics Carnival - Schedule Of Events
July 2016  Kindy Letter Re Long Service Leave
   Yr 4 Pam Corker visit
   Yr 2 Information letter
   Athletics Carnival
   Waroona Show Gate Fundraiser
June 2016  Year 5 & Year 6 Aussie Sports
   Kindy & Pre Primary Excursion
   Year 3 Pam Corker visit
   Bishops Religious Literacy Assessment 2016
   Parent First Aid Course
   Term 3 Canteen Roster Request
   School Uniform Policy Change
   St Patrick's Parish Information Booklet
   Waroona Winter School Holiday Program
    Waroona Budgeting Workshop

Notice Board

  • Making Jesus Real Award

    The latest Making Jesus Real Award was presented recently. The worthy recipient was one of our students, Jai Curtis, Year 3. Congratulations!

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