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Do Crew Program


The objective of the program is to take students out of the class environment and create a more fun and engaging way for them to learn social and personal life skills supported by 2 Education Assistants. For one hour a week, they are in a relaxed environment, as opposed to a classroom, and they feel special and valued with this extra caring attention to help make them better rounded students.


Each lesson starts with physical activity, usually a stretching activity and crossing over the midline of the body to switch our brains into learning mode.

Activities that are planned for each week rely heavily on achieving engagement of the students to communicate with each other and the staff in a way that is appropriate language and the correct context with both patience and manners. Students are taught to wait their turn and play fair with good sportsmanship. Each activity will have tasks within it so that students can learn to read and follow instructions to reach the outcome they want. Following school rules and their importance is also instilled in an environment where students have confidence to learn to ask for help.

Activities include crafts, cooking, gardening and games where fine motor skills are encouraged and everyday life skills are utilised. The hands on approach is prevalent in all activities, therefore they are always "doing things", hence the name, The Do Crew.


To build the resilience and confidence in students who need that extra little helping hand. It can be measured in their demeanour and excitment when they are coming to the session. Teachers, parents, fellow students and the students themselves are very happy with the way the program has worked in its first year.

We would like to thank Alcoa of Australia for their sponsorship and support of this program for 2017.

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  • Making Jesus Real Award

    The latest Making Jesus Real Award was presented recently. The worthy recipient was one of our students, Preston Reynolds, Year 6. Congratulations!

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